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A Brief History of Uley
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Uley has a past rich in history. At the top of Crawley Hill is a Neolithic long barrow, known locally as Hetty Pegler's Tump. The story goes that Hetty, a local girl, met her lover at this place. Some two thousand years after this long barrow was constructed, Uley Bury was fortified by the Dubonni tribe. This is not surprising since it commands a magnificent view. To the west can be seen the Black Mountains, the Malverns and the Severn Valley. Walking the Bury perimeter takes about half an hour. Standing with your back to the Severn you see Uley village in the foreground, Owlpen Manor tucked away to the left, and Stouts Hill standing prominently right of centre. In the late 1970s a Roman temple dedicated to Mercury was excavated opposite the long barrow at the top of Crawley Hill. There was great excitement when the god's stone head was found together with a hoard of curses written on lead scrolls. These artefacts are now in the British Museum in London.

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